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About Shier Yir Group

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Shier Yir Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. From its early days of traditional plastic injection, it has now transformed into the manufacturing of high-tech plastic-related products. It has always been leading the industry in high-end technology, advanced equipment, and the concept of pursuing excellence, and has continued to innovate. Shieryir Plastic's main businesses are design, molds and plastic-related products for automobiles, aerospace, network communications and consumer electronics. In addition to the current operation center in Taipei, Taiwan, the group also includes a 6,000 square meters Taichung factory, a 35,000 square meters Dongguan factory in China, and production bases in multiple locations in Southeast Asia.

Shier Yir group Headquarters

Shier Yir Group’s production base and equipment

Shier Yir Taipei Shulin Factory

Shier Yir Group Vietnam Production Base

Shier Yir Taichung Factory

Shier Yir Group Thailand Production Base

Dongguan Xieyu Factory

Shier Yir Group Indonesia Production Base

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