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Shier Yir Group Global Base

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Automotive plastic


Protective case/composite plastic


Electronic product plastic


Medical equipment plastic

NEWS Dynamic Express


November 16, 2023, Kuozui Automobile's 2023 SSA Tier2 Excavation Meeting was held at Shieryir Plastics Taichung Factory.

December 26, 2023, Shieryir won the 2023 Manufacturer's Best Quality Award from Feihong Technology Co., Ltd.

December 29, 2023, Shieryir was awarded the 2023 Cooperation Association Manufacturer Quality Improvement Award from Kenjou Industrial Co., Ltd.


January 12, 2024, the year 2023 Shieryir Group Taiwan District New Year’s Eve Party.

April 9, 2024, The Kenjou Industrial Supervisor manufacturer tour in Shieryir Plastics Taichung Factory.

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